Masala Board Web Pledge

Masala Board Web Pledge

Masala Board Web Pledge!

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Masala Board has been serving viewers who love Indian Entertainment for over five years now. The community membership has always been free and will continue to be so.

But we cannot offer features such as better server and upload space for members unless we get voluntary donations from members and visitors alike. Whether you are an actively participating member or a silent visitor it's time you showed your support for your community. Whether you are in U.S.A, India, U.K or anywhere in the world, all you need is a credit card to make this donation. Even a small payment such as $3 or $5 can go a long way in keeping the site free for everyone while adding many more features.

Your contribution will be totally confidential. The payment is processed by PayPal, a leader in Internet billing. Your privacy is protected. You will receive an email with your transaction details!

(Note: If you have any questions about Web Pledge, please send a mail to MasalaTalk)

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The donation is voluntary and you will not be billed again.