Usage Policy

Masala Board Usage Policy

While using Masala Board (MB) forums you must observe the following rules and guidelines:

  • MB is a porn free board. Any thread supplying hardcore pornographic material in the form of images/videos/text etc. will be removed without notification.
  • MB does not allow nude images to be posted as inline images or as thumbnails.
  • Posting nude images of underage girls, hidden cam/voyeur and such material is strictly pohibited on MB. Any thread found posting such material will be removed without notification.
  • Do not use the image attachment feature on MB to post nude images. You will have to use an external image hosting service and provide links in your post.
  • Do not use abusive/offensive words in thread titles.
  • Do not abuse or misuse the message board by posting hatred messages and messages abusing other board members.
  • Do not post any messages that may create any kind of religious, political or communal controversy. These kind of messages are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not post illegal material on the message board including but not limited to full length movies, hacking, stolen passwords, and any other material deemed illegal.
  • Do not create aliases for creating trouble on the forum and/or to misuse MB features. Moderators reserve the right to ban an alias created for whatever purpose.
  • Do not post pictures from personal profiles, matrimonials, and other personal sites.
  • Do not use Masala Board as an advertising ground. Limited advertising through signatures is allowed, only if it is in the interest of MB community. Using MB to make money by posting links to pictures/material on external sites is not allowed.
  • Do not insult or taunt moderators on MB either directly or indirectly. All such actions will be considered as hindrance to the administration of the board and the moderators reserve the right to ban members indulging in this. If a member disagrees with a mod's decision, opening multiple threads demanding action will not be permitted. Concerned member must report the incident directly to the Administrator through PM in such case.

You must read our Masala Board related disclaimers too