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Thread: E-BOOKS - Download 1000s of FREE books!

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    May 2008
    I want to read complete works of William Shakespeare in EPUB or PDF …

    Help me please, if you can …. Thanks in advance …..

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    Aug 2012
    Is there by chance the Resnick series by John Harvey around, please.

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    May 2012
    Looking for Hoax and True Justice by Robert K Tanenbaum, These are the only books of the Karp and Ciampi series I cant locate.....would anyone have these books please

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    Jul 2010
    Looking for W is For Wasted, the lastest sue Grafton novel. If it has already been posted, please excuse this and point me in the right direction. As always, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Cougar68 View Post
    Looking for W is For Wasted, the lastest sue Grafton novel. If it has already been posted, please excuse this and point me in the right direction. As always, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    W is for Wasted (2013) - (Book 23 in the Kinsey Millhone series) A novel by Sue Grafton

    Of the #1 New York Times–bestselling Kinsey Millhone series, NPR said, “Makes me wish there were more than 26 letters."

    Two dead bodies changed the course of my life that fall. One of them I knew and the other I'd never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue.

    The first was a local PI of suspect reputation. He'd been gunned down near the beach at Santa Teresa. It looked like a robbery gone bad. The other was on the beach six weeks later. He'd been sleeping rough. Probably homeless. No identification. A slip of paper with Millhone's name and number was in his pants pocket. The coroner asked her to come to the morgue to see if she could ID him.

    Two seemingly unrelated deaths, one a murder, the other apparently of natural causes.

    But as Kinsey digs deeper into the mystery of the John Doe, some very strange linkages begin to emerge. And before long at least one aspect is solved as Kinsey literally finds the key to his identity. “And just like that," she says, “the lid to Pandora's box flew open. It would take me another day before I understood how many imps had been freed, but for the moment, I was inordinately pleased with myself."

    In this multilayered tale, the surfaces seem clear, but the underpinnings are full of betrayals, misunderstandings, and outright murderous fraud. And Kinsey, through no fault of her own, is thoroughly compromised.

    W is for . . . wanderer . . . worthless . . . wronged . . .

    Format: Epub

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    Mar 2011
    Denise Grover Swank - Thirty and a Half Excuses (2013) - (The third book in the Rose Gardner Mystery series)

    Life in Henryetta, Arkansas is turned upside down with the arrival of a televangelist, but it's the death of a little old lady on Rose's street that catches her attention. The Henryetta police deem her death natural causes, but Rose suspects foul play and so does an unlikely supporter - the president of the Busy Body Club, her eighty-two year old neighbor Mildred.

    But Rose is in the middle of opening her nursery with her sister Violet, who's separated from her husband Mike, as well as stalling her boyfriend Joe's family, rich socialites who are determined to meet her. Along with her multiple encounters with Fenton County's new assistant DA, Mason Deveraux III, it's just another day in the life of Rose Gardner - chaos.

    Format: Epub

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by kalyan3rajan View Post
    I want to read complete works of William Shakespeare in EPUB or PDF …

    Help me please, if you can …. Thanks in advance …..
    William Shakespeare Ebook Collection

    All's Well That Ends Well (1574)
    Antony and Cleopatra (1582)
    As You Like It (1586)
    Comedy of Errors (2063)
    Coriolanus (2074)
    Cymbeline (2085)
    Hamlet (1990)
    Henry IV Part 1 (1947)
    Henry IV, Part 2 (1948)
    Julius Caesar (1940)
    King Henry V (1949)
    King Henry VI, Part 1 (1950)
    King Henry VI, Part 2 (1951)
    King Henry VI, Part 3 (1952)
    King Henry VIII (1953)
    King John (1954)
    King Lear (1955)
    King Richard II (1956)
    Lover's Complaint (1546)
    Love's Labour's Lost (1880)
    Macbeth (1883)
    Measure for Measure (1899)
    Merchant of Venice (1901)
    Merry Wives of Windsor (1902)
    Midsummer Night's Dream (1547)
    Much Ado About Nothing (1823)
    Othello (1855)Passionate Pilgrim (1860)
    Rape of Lucrece (1798)
    Romeo and Juliet (1815)
    Shakespearian Sonnets (1743)
    Taming of the Shrew (1678)
    Tempest (1681)
    Titus Andronicus (1643)
    Troilus and Cressida (1651)
    Twelfth Night (1654)
    Two Gentlemen of Verona (1656)
    Venus and Adonis (1665)
    Winter's Tale (1609)

    Epub format:

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by HarryHole View Post
    Is there by chance the Resnick series by John Harvey around, please.
    Resnick Series
    1. Lonely Hearts (1989)
    2. Rough Treatment (1990)
    3. Cutting Edge (1991)
    4. Off Minor (1992)
    5. Wasted Years (1993)
    6. Cold Light (1994)
    7. Living Proof (1995)
    8. Easy Meat (1996)
    9. Still Water (1997)
    10. Last Rites (1998)
    11. Cold in Hand (2007)

    Epub format
    Last edited by davo444; 09-12-2013 at 03:36 AM.

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    Aug 2012
    Thanks Davo, appreciated.

    Is there by chance Already Dead by Stephen Booth floating around? Thank you in advance.

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    May 2008
    Thanks a lot .. davo444 ... So quick response ... appreciated.

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    Mar 2011
    About Charity Norman
    Charity Norman was born in Uganda and brought up in successive draughty vicarages in Yorkshire and Birmingham. After several years travel she became a barrister, specialising in crime and family law in the northeast of England. In 2002, realising that her three children had barely met her, she took a break from the law and moved with her family to New Zealand, where she now lives in Napier.

    Second Chances (2012) - A novel by Charity Norman

    A rich and warm novel of family, divided loyalties and complicated relationships - for readers who love Jodi Picoult or Caroline Overington.

    In the quiet of a winter's night, the rescue helicopter is sent to airlift a five-year-old boy with severe internal injuries. He's fallen from the upstairs verandah of an isolated farmhouse, and may not last the next few hours.

    At first, Finn's fall looks like a horrible accident; after all, he's prone to sleepwalking. Only his frantic mother, Martha McNamara, knows how it really happened. And she isn't telling. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

    Martha only wants the best for her family. That's why she moved heaven and earth to move them to the other side of the world, to start their lives afresh. And now she's faced with decisions she never dreamed she'd have to make, decisions with potentially devastating consequences. She's torn between her loyalty to her family and her need to protect them.

    What do you do when your dream escape turns into a nightmare - and is there ever a way back?

    Gripping, emotional and intelligent, this is a book you won't be able to put down.

    The Son-in-Law (2013) - A novel by Charity Norman

    For three years Joseph Scott has been haunted by one moment-the moment that changed his life forever. Now he is starting over, and he wants his family back more than anything.

    This is the story of Joseph and his wife, Zoe; of their children, Scarlet, Theo and Ben, for whom nothing will be the same; and of Zoe's parents, who can't forgive or understand.

    A compelling, moving and ultimately optimistic story of one man who will do almost anything to be reunited with his children. And of the grandparents who are determined to stop him.

    Praise for Freeing Grace: 'An absorbing examination of fraught family dynamics and complex social issues . . . will appeal to devotees of Joanna Trollope and Jodi Picoult . . . Charity Norman has put down the clearest of markers that she is hot on their heels.' Daily Mail

    Praise for Second Chances: ' . . . emotionally astute, Norman writes with razor sharp perception and deep compassion.' Meredith Jaffe, the hoopla

    Format: Epub

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    Jun 2010
    Tom Perrotta - Nine Inches

    The new collection from the New York Times bestselling author of The Leftovers and Little Children, featuring stories focusing on Perrotta's familiar suburban nuclear families.

    Tom Perrotta's first book, Bad Haircut, consisted of linked stories featuring a shared protagonist. Now, nineteen years later, he has written and compiled his first true short story collection. This twelve story collection features a group set in Perrotta's trademark suburban setting, focusing on the fissures in families and unexpected connections among members of typical American communities, including "Senior Season" and "Nine Inches." Other offerings showcase Perrotta's assured, smooth writing, but many may surprise fans with new protagonists and concerns. One of these twistier stories is "The Smile on Happy Chang's Face," which was the Boston Book Festival's first all-city One City, One Story selection in 2010.?


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    Mar 2011
    Urban Waite - The Carrion Birds (2013)

    Set in a small town in the Southwest, a soulful work of literary noir rife with vengeance and contrition from a fresh voice in fiction - the author of the highly acclaimed The Terror of Living

    Life hasn't worked out the way Ray Lamar planned. A widower who's made some tragic mistakes, he's got one good thing going for him: he's calm and efficient under pressure, usually with a gun in his hand. A useful skill to have when you're paid to hurt people who stand in your boss's way.

    But Ray isn't sure he wants to be that man anymore. He wants to go home and see the son he hopes will recognize him. He wants to make a new life far from the violence of the last ten years, and he believes that one last job will take him there. A job that should be simple, easy, clean.

    Ray knows there's no such thing as easy, and sure enough, the first day ends in a catastrophic mess. Now the runners who have always moved quietly through this desert town on the Mexican border want answers. And revenge. Short on time, with no one to trust but himself, Ray must come up with a plan, or else Coronado, New Mexico's lady sheriff will have a vicious bloodbath on her hands.

    Set in a town once rich with oil, now forgotten and struggling, The Carrion Birds is filled with refreshingly realistic and vulnerable characters. With its masterfully orchestrated suspense and unexpected bursts of lyricism, this is a remarkably unsettling and indelible work in the tradition of Cormac McCarthy, Elmore Leonard, and Dennis Lehane.

    Format: Epub

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    Jul 2010
    Will enjoy reading Sue Grafton's latest. Thanks Masala for your efforts.

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    Oct 2012

    I'm looking for these books by Anthony Horowitz:

    Diamond Brothers
    1. The Falcon's Malteser (1986)
    aka Just Ask for Diamond
    2. Public Enemy Number Two (1987)
    3. South by South East (1991)
    4. The French Confection (2003)
    5. The Blurred Man (2003)
    6. I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (2003)
    7. The Greek Who Stole Christmas (2007)

    Alex Rider - Graphic Novel
    1. Stormbreaker Graphic Novel (2006)
    2. Point Blanc Graphic Novel (2007)
    3. Skeleton Key Graphic Novel (2009)
    4. Eagle Strike Graphic Novel (2012)

    Many thanks in advance

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