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Thread: Indian Actresses who smoke in real life

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    Indian Actresses who smoke in real life

    Watching Girls smoke cigarettes is a real turn on. i am trying to list out the names of indian actresses who smoke in real life. here are some news articles citing smoking by beautiful indian actresses.

    Rani Mukherjee
    smokes but a cigarette a day. She isn't a chain smoker as alleged by many. Rani claims that she smokes to keep her body system in order as without smoking in the morning she develops indigestion. Though her mom denies it publicly she is also cut up with her daughter's secret smoking. Like any parent, mom wants Rani to quit smoking. A unit member on the sets of Rani starrer 'Laaga Chunri mein Daag' has confirmed it.

    Payal: Bollywood actress Payal Rohatgi used to be a teetotaller and a non smoker. But with her smoking away from her role in Corporate, Payal found herself hooked on to the cigarette. She tells Delhi times, “I picked up the habbit while shooting for corporate. Scence require retakes, you know, and I was soon habituated to it.” However, the gal has now quit amoking, “It was affecting my health really badly. And it just made sense to give it up,” she tells DT, “Also mom used to hate it that I smoked. SO now, after three months, I have given it up.”

    Manisha Koirala

    Preity Zinta

    Suman Ranganathan

    Dimple kapadia

    Sharmila Tagore

    Tamil actress Priyamani

    South actress nayanatara

    The Actresses who had smoked in the movies1) Manisha Koirala in "Yugpurush" (horny smoking...chimney)2) Manisha Koirala in "Market" (Prostitute smoke...a few puffs)3) Manisha Koirala in "Company" (Smokes one or two times)5) Madhuri Dixit in "Zindagi Ek Juaa" (Real junkie.smokes like a third rated whore)6) Nandita Das in "Fire" (Keeps a cigarette in mouth and imitates smoking)7) Madhoo in "Pehchan" (Ideal prostitute...smokes like a chain smoker and puffs too much throuhout the movie)8) Suman Ranganath in "Market" (no need to tell abt this worlds most popular prostitute)9) Varsha Ushgonkar in "KhalNayikaa" (shain smoking throughout the movie)10) Shabna Azmi in "Doosri Dulhan" (she must have smoke atleast 4 packs of cigarettes in this movie)11) Raveena Tandon in kannada movie "Upendra" (smokes with great whorish attitute...real smoker)12) Moon Moon Sen in kannada movie "Yugapurusha" (Real bitchy smoking...horny prostitute...about a couple of lovely puffs are are there)

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