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  • A voluptuous Tamil goddess

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  • An amazonian Punjaban

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  • A submissively shy Marathi mulgi

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  • A petite North Eastern

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  • A cock-crazy Kashmiri

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  • A tight-pussied Bihari

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  • An eveready sex-hungry Keralite

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  • A pornstar-like Goan

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  • A buttfuck loving Gujarati

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  • A blowjob giving Bengali

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Thread: The wives of India

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    The wives of India

    The intention of this post isn’t to hurt anyone’s sentiments or cause offence. If anybody does feel so after reading this post though, my apologies in advance.

    Without revealing too much about myself, let me just say that I’m a thrice married man… and this third one should hopefully last the distance But since my college days, I’ve been in quite a few relationships with women from different states of this multi-cultural country of ours and have friends, of all castes and from different states, who’ve been in relationships, married, divorced, etc. And this post is a culmination of all the knowledge that each one of has culled from all our relationships with the many women of India!

    So here are the traits of having a wife from every part of India:

    • A Tamilian wife:

    A Tamilian woman is likely to be built like the sculptures of the goddesses in our temples. She will be voluptuous, with a fleshy stomach where the navel is so deep you could fuck it! She has thighs like architectural columns, which when she wraps around your back as you make love to her, you feel the soft cushion of. Breasts are relatively large compared to the rest of India, but they still can’t match their sisters from Kerala (we’ll get to them later). A Tamilian wife will be very loyal and devoted to her husband. Fidelity is a guarantee. The downside is, despite being blessed with such a fuckable body, she will not be experimental at sex, and will never initiate it. Over the years, her eagerness to have sex decreases all the more. But while it lasts, you really feel you’re making love to a goddess.

    • A Punjabi wife:

    A Punjabi woman will be like a film actress or a model when you marry her. If you want to feel what it is to make love to an actress or model, your fantasies will come true with a Punjabi wife. Fair and athletically built, they are sexy as hell. By the time they hit middle age, they grow into an Amazonian structure- big and strong. At this point, she can be very aggressive in bed… and only a real man can keep up with her. The downside is, a Punjabi wife also lets her body go loose and the actress you had married turns into a saas from TV! Also, a Punjabi wife will seek young dick when she hits that 40 year mark. So in all probability she is testing the virility of that 18 year old strapping lad from your colony while you’re away at work!

    • A Maharashtrian wife:

    A Marathi woman isn’t built in a defined way. They come in all shapes and sizes, but are mostly on the shorter side. Their standout feature is their submissive nature. A Marathi wife will agree to do almost anything and everything that her husband can cajole her into doing. Yes, a Marathi woman will agree to you having your best buddy fuck her in a threesome as well, as well you getting a call-girl or an escort into your bedroom occasionally. They’re not very vocal during sex, so that can be a dampener… but if having someone who will shyly submit to sucking your cock when you ask her to works for you, a Marathi wife is the best deal. The downside is, loyalty is suspect. Due to her gullibility, she can be seduced by someone else as well.

    • A North East Indian wife:

    A wife from the North East is like having an international experience within your own home country! Her looks and her petite body frame give you the feeling of making love to an Oriental. They also tend to be very shy, but open up for almost anything kinky during sex. They also surprisingly don’t seem to have a problem with swallowing cum when you ejaculate into their mouths when compared to the rest of India. The only downside is the possible boredom once the novelty wears off. They don’t have much in terms of actual sex appeal except the exotic looks. Pretty weak on the tits and ass department.

    • A Kashmiri wife:

    A Kashmiri wife is like a fairy. Extremely fair, they reveal a hungry appetite for sex when unleashed. Open to anything within the realms of conventional sex, they can be very energetic as well. Are very good cock-suckers, though not a patch on the Bong beauties (later). A Kashmiri wife is also very motherly, so the chances of her letting you suck milk from her when she’s lactating is pretty high. They also love to be spanked. The downside, they are attracted to big dicks, and curiosity can get the better of them if they get wind that someone has a big cock in the neighbourhood.

    • A Bihari wife:

    A Bihari wife is a mysterious entity. She can be docile or extremely foul. She might be putting up a fake fight but secretly wanting to get fucked, or she may genuinely get upset. They can be very good fucks once the two of you get to the actual fucking. They seem to be gifted to know how to clench their pussy muscles. Will not do anything kinky or unconventional though. Also, the downside is, they can be unkempt and not well groomed.

    • A Keralite wife:

    A Keralite wife is a dream come true. Less voluptuous than her Tamil sisters, but definitely with bigger breasts than them, a Malayali wife wants to be fucked! And what husband wouldn’t want that. All a Malayali wife needs is to be hinted that you feel like fucking her, and she will hike up her petticoat and let you stick your cock into her eager wet vagina. You can literally fuck her 5-6 times a day and she won’t once question it. Yes, they do expect the sex conventional. So never bring up the topic of anal sex or anything kinky. She can also be gracious and have her sister or cousin over during one of your lovemaking sessions. The downside is, a Malayali wife doesn’t consider satisfying her sexual needs and that of others as infidelity. She will be loyal and dedicated to you, but she could be fucking your little brother when you’re away at work, or servicing your old father when you’re out of town, or even letting your best friend find out what you enjoy every night with her.

    • A Goan wife:

    A Goan wife is like being married to a pornstar. She will surprise you with a shaved pussy or a sexy fuck in the shower. She will also be open to experimentation. Are very tight and fit, but can get lazy with age. Also, the downside is a tendency to flirt wantonly and being very confrontational. After a few years, the sex may suddenly disappear out of the marriage as well!

    • A Gujarati wife:

    A Gujarati wife is a license to unquestioned anal sex for life. I don’t know what it is, but Gujju women love it unhesitatingly to have a cock up their ass. A Gujarati wife will also be very homely, and at night she can be a slut too. Probably the best package of busty tits and fat ass in all of the country. The downside, they tend to get occupied with social activities and family affairs with middle age, and the frequency of sex diminishes. But even then, the occasional fuck can still be an open invitation for a butt-fuck! Hail the Gujju anal queens.

    • A Bengali wife:

    A Bengali wife is like having a dedicated cock-servicer. Also dubbed the oral queens of India, a Bengali wife knows to suck cock like no one else. They also love to suck cock. Extremely horny, they will surprise you with how much they can get involved with the act of fucking. As long as you initiate it. They also boast the perfect skin. And they only get sexier with age, putting on weight at just the right curves. No visible downside, except that the likelihood of finding a young Bengali bride is minimal. They tend to play the field in their formative years. So yes, virginity is out of the question as well. She’s definitely honed her blowjob skills before she married you!

    Again, these are just generalization and common observations. No offense.
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    amazing man, just so true

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    nice, post more

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