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Thread: Non-Veg waale jokes aur m. sgs.....

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    Ek Bachha Apne Dada Ke Sath Park Mein Khel Raha Tha. Tabhi Ek Kenchua Bill Se Bahar Aaya Aur Rengne Laga.

    Bachha: “Dadaji Is Kenchue Ko Wapas Mitti Ke Usi Chedh Mein Daal Do Jahan Se Ye Nikla Hai”

    Dadaji: “Nahi Beta Ye Sambhav Nahi Hai Dekhte Nahi Ho Kenchua Kitna Narm Hai??”

    Bachha: “Lagi 100 Rupaye Ki Shart?”

    Dadaji: “Theek Hai Lag Gayi”

    Bachha Andar Gaya Aur Ek Hair Spray Le Kar Aaya Aur Us Kenchue Par Chidak Diya.

    Kenchua Lakdi Ki Tarah Sakhat Ho Gaya Aur Bachhe Ne Use Wapas Usi Jagah Daal Diya Jaha Se Wo Nikala Tha.

    Dadaji Turant Wo Hair Saprey Apne Hath Mein Lekar Ander Gaye Aur Kuch Der Baad Wapas Aaye.

    Dadaji: “Ye Lo 500 Rupaye Tum Sharat Jeet Gaye”

    Bachha: “Par Dadaji Sharat To Keval 100 Rupaye Ki Thi”

    Dadaji: ” Beta Mene To 100 Rs Hi Diye Hai, 400 Rs Tumahari Dadi Ne Diye Hai“

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    A Girl Updated Her Status On Facebook: “Feeling Awesome.”

    Her Ex-Boyfriend Commented On Her Status: “De Aai Kya?”

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    Si realmente encuentras las frases de los Ployers beatutifull entonces podrás encontrar esto fácilmente en un solo clic Frases de amor ... Encontrarás todas las actualizaciones de frases

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    nice postings

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    Flint, Hanson, Grim and Bufford Spain

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