adidas???,Although N months have not seen, but the soldiers transferred to the mentor who apparently can not transfer the original people have a deep impression, a glance to recognize him - or his name. Even if the player's name is hidden, can not be hidden from the eyes of some special NPC: You just said you want to accept the transfer trial? Could you have reached 50? Ye days evil nod answer. Soldiers transferred to the mentor's eyes stare at him for a few seconds, and then nodded his head: Yes Yes, I had to think you kid is not simple, then back, can get the brave badge, like ordinary trouble, can The first to reach 50 is also normal friends.
Converse,His eyes in Ye days evil body turned to go, but his transfer NPC can peep the privileges of the player information, but life and death do not see what he is now what career. The reason for this situation is only one...... this kid's career is too high or powerful, powerful beyond his spy range! And since the players enter the world, this situation is the first time! Well... we're still talking about trials. Accept the second transfer trial, is looking for you right?
Converse???,See him do not want to answer, fighters transfer mentor is also very fun to shut up, nodded his head and said: Well... ah, you kid should also be very urgent want to go Lost City, right? Lost City than the size of the city several times Tianchen, bustling extent should be far more than, but it is too close from the fate of the tower, the three years I do not know how to become, but at least, outside the monster Must have become fierce brutal, more than the previous terrible. What is the abyss?